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Welcome to the World of RedDragon!

Build, develop and take care of your Kingdom.
Join forces with others and gain allies.
Join one of hundreds of Alliances.
Fight and win, conquer and gain new lands!

Glory awaits you in the World of RedDragon!

Outwit the clever Halflings and nasty Goblins,
Conquer death before the Necromants,
Show that you're tougher than the Dwarves, wiser than the Elves,
Learn the secrets of magic from the Genies.

And keep in mind that only the losers gain nothing ...

Before you start it's wise to read 'How to start?'
and 'What's it all about?' on the right-hand side.

When you think you're ready click 'Register'
to join the RedDragon Community.

New age, new race, prizes!

graOn the 4th of January a new - 18th - age of RedDragon started.

It's name - `The Age of the Living Dead` comes from a new Undead Race that revealed its presence bringing horror and filth into the world. Along with their 'undead' economy and always hungry for flesh armies, they terrorized the world of RedDragon with Ghosts and Powerful Dracoliches - undead dragons.

But it's not the end of changes. Few of them are: protection system for the new players and if you would like to be the emperor of your own coalition, you can have another kingdom for free.

And don't forget about the prizes waiting for the winners of the Age - 17 strategic board games Rice Wars

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