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Every user has the right to have ONE free Govern which he can play without any limitations. Such a Kingdom has a yellow 'N' letter next to its name.

What you should remember!
1. For your comfort Kingdoms under the age of 10 are not subject to this regulation. Therefore, you can create as many as you want to try out all the races. However, when they get older than 10 days you have to decide for one and abdicate the others or pay for all of them.
2. All Kingdoms in tha /Nauka/ Alliance are automatically regarded as free - you do not need to pay for them. You can learn to play with the second Govern.
3. If you have only one Govern it automatically becomes your free Kingdom (it has the yellow N letter next to its name).

Additional Kingdoms:
Besides your one free Govern you can posses an unlimited number of Kingdoms for which you have to pay. The cost of every extra Govern is 12 zł (about $4 or Ł2).You can also pay for your Kingdoms via text messages - each text message costs 9 zł (about $3 or Ł1,50). One text message changes the status to ‘paid’ for 40 days (so you need to send 3 text messages to pay for the whole Age) - Kingdoms that were paid for this way cannot become your free Kingdom again; you cannot also pay for a Kingdom i.e. between the 40th and 80th day.
You can pay by a bank transfer or pay in directly to the game's bank account (other ways of paying are being set and will be ready within couple days).

Your Kingdoms’ status can be found in the ‘Your kingdoms’ panel, found on the starting screen. Here you can also check other payment options.

What you should remember!
1. In the 'Your Kingdoms' panel you can check your payments. Every payment is listed there.
2. Money can travel even three days between banks and we have to put them into the system, so plan your Payments in advance!
3. At the moment being we haven't got enough human resources to check the payment scans. Please do not ask about them, do not offer them and do not send them. The rule is simple : if a payment makes it to the account it is transferred to our data base.
4. We do not plan to delete Kingdoms that weren't paid for. They will be, however, blocked so that you will not be able to click turns on them.
5. All your questions regarding payments ought to be sent to the Kingdom PŁATNOŚCI in the Administrators Alliance.

One computer - two players:
If you share a computer with other people, which also play RD, all of you can have 1 free Govern, if you report shared IP in the 'Your Kingdoms' menu. The Admins can, however, reject this report, but they do it seldom, only in cases that seem very suspicious.
You do not need to use this option, though. Keep in mind that the Admins will look at your case ‘friendlier’, if at least one Govern is paid for. 12 zł, Ł2 or $4 is not that lot of money, but it surely helps the game.

Next to every Govern you will find one of these letters:
V - VIP Kingdom (read more below)
Z - Kingdom has been paid for
N - the one free Kingdom
N - KKingdom not paid for, automatically blocked.
If more than one Govern are not paid for on the RDAccount, all Kingdoms are automatically blocked, until they are abdicated or paid for. Kingdoms in the /Nauka/ Alliance, under the age of 10 and frozen are not taken into account.
A blockade means, you cannot click any turns. The blocked is automatically lifted, when you pay for all the Governs, freeze them or abdicate them, except the one, free Kingdom.
!! - Kingdom blocked by the Administrators.
The player had more than one RDAccount or has broken one or more of the game’s rules and the Administrators blocked the Govern. You can find the details of such actions in the game’s forum, in the ‘Pręgierz’ topic. You can complain about this blockade by sending a letter on the RD Mail to the Administrator that has blocked your Kingdom.
If someone gets caught on playing with multiple free Governs, he cannot abdicate the others and play one for free. This solution would not be fair for the other players, playing with a one, free Kingdom and for all the players that paid for the extra Governs. Furthermore, it would encourage playing multiple free Governs until one gets caught. Cheating simply cannot be profitable.
The rule is simple, the cheater must pay for one Govern, and only than he can play the Govern he paid for, the one free Govern and any kingdoms he would pay for in the future.

Payment features:
Except paying for a Governs / Governs you can help the game by donating some money. Every penny that you donate is used for maintaining the server and developing the game. Yet, we do not make anyone to donate money. However, if someone wants to pay for his/her free Kingdom, he/she likes the game and wants to help it by paying 12 zł, we are more than happy to have such a player.
If you wish to help the game, write in the ‘Title’ part of the transfer ‘Donation’. More details can be found in the ‘Your Kingdoms’ panel. We give a VIP status for donations (read more below).

There are several extra options in RD. You pay for them; they help a little, but do not give any advantages in gameplay. However, if someone wishes to gather all needed generals fast, this is the perfect solution.

Change race:
cost : 12 zł
Changes your present race to a newly chosen one. You must leave your Alliance for the change (with all consequences) and all your Generals’ levels are lowered by 2 levels (Expo points as well). Only paid Governs can use this option.

Quick start:
cost : 6 zł (if you choose to pay for this option via text message, the cost is 9 zł (10,98 zł with VAT))
+ 20 000 Acres;
+ most Acres occupied by buildings - 8500 houses, 2000 universities, schools, barracks, workshops, guilds;
+ all Special Buildings build;
+ 1G gold and 3M of Infra Points to finish / change the infrastructure;
+ 135 000 citizens, all hired, all professions have scholars;
+ 30 Dragons;
+ 2 day limits of turns (32 turns);
Option available from the 8th day of the Age, only for paid Kingdoms.

Choose a General:
cost : 2 zł for paid Kingdoms, 4 zł for free Kingdoms (if you choose to pay for this option via text message, the cost is 9 zł (10,98 zł with VAT))
We can choose a General - his primary and secondary ability. The General is on the 0 level and has 0 Expo points.
Option available from the 8th day of the Age.

VIP status:
There is a new option in RD - the VIP status, which will be given to all that contribute to the game’s financial development. The status is given by Administrators for one Age.

What does the VIP status NOT give?
- no advantage in gameplay,
- no differences in the game’s interface,
- the right to break the rules.

What does the VIP status give?
It’s an honourable distinction, giving some extra rights on the forums:
On the game`s forum:
+ a separate VIP group,
+ a larger forum mail box - 250 messages (normally 50),
+ sending a PM to up to 6 user by one click,
+ a different post colour,
+ a personal photo (320x240, 50 Kb),
+ no antiflood (normally 20 seconds),
+ different forum skins to choose from: Red Dragon Dark for starters (new!),
+ the possibility to upload your avatar directly to the game`s server(new!),
+ less restricted signature: maximal font size - 8 (normally 5), maximal number of colours - 6 (normally 3), maximum size - 150 pixels (normally 50) (new!) + the possibility to choose your new personalized rank on the forum - we do it in the 'edit profile' panel and wait for the Admins to confirm our choice (new!).

On the in-game forum - on paid Kingdoms (can be activated in the ‘Your Kingdoms’ panel):
+ a different letter next to the Kingdom (V)
+ your very own icon, in the place of the dull shield in the Alliance menu, on the forum and mail, loaded in the ‘Your Kingdoms’ panel (new!),
+ the capability to write on the Emperors’ forum, not being a Emperor,
+ a different post colour,
+ the RD Mail box is not cleared after 14 days (available soon),
+ the capability to browse through the forum / mail box with up to 50 posts shown per page - normally up to 20.

There will be surely more options added soon, if we have enough time and ideas and the option is programmable.

For what to we give the VIP status:
+ a large payment, i.e. for paying for a whole Alliance (17 Governs),
+ making a large donation.

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