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The upper part of the screen is used to set up Alliances, join an Alliance, freeze your Govern and to abdicate.

After registering you are not in any Alliance. If you want to be in one, you can join an existing Alliance or set up your own Alliance. An Alliance can have up to 17 members. If you want to join an Alliance, type in its name and press the ‘Join Alliance’ button. A new screen will appear: showing you the Alliance`s Constitution. If you agree with it, press the ‘Join Alliance’ button again. Under the panel a text message appears : ‘We are asking /name of Alliance’s Emperor/ to join his/her Alliance - Cancel?’. If you check the checkbox next to ‘Cancel?’ and confirm, the request is cancelled. You can ask many Alliances, which one you go to is depended from which Emperor chooses you first. The Emperor sees such request in the same place. If he/she checks the right checkbox you become a member of his/her Alliance.

Keep in mind: you cannot accept new Alliance’s members after 8:00 p.m. till the Recount (Central European Time +1h).

If you want to set up a new Alliance, type in its name in the textbox and click the ‘Set up new Alliance’ button. A new screen will appear: asking you to /write/ the Alliance`s Constitution. When you check (or not) the points you want to be in the Alliance`s Constitution click the ‘Set up new Alliance’ button again to confirm and creat an Alliance. The Alliance’s name has to be not taken before by any other Alliance. Alliance’s name is a prestigious matter - choose it wisely. After setting up an Alliance you become the Emperor. If you are in an Alliance you can resign from it - just click the ‘Resign from Alliance’ button. A new screen appears where you have to confirm your decision. Resigning from an Alliance cancels all pacts and group attacks, you were taking part in. Your units sent to such attacks, come back home. If you want to rejoin the Alliance, you need to ask the Emperor as always. If the Emperor resigns from an Alliance, the Govern with the most votes (in the ‘Elections’ menu) becomes the new Emperor. If two or more Kingdoms have the same amount of votes, the Kingdom created the earliest becomes the new Emperor.

In this panel you will also find two options : ‘Freeze Kingdom’ and ‘Abdicate’.

The ‘Freeze’ button is used to freeze your Govern for at least 2 days(Recounts). During this period, your Kingdom does not take part in the game. However, it cannot be attacked by others. You cannot also logon to it. In the ‘Alliance’ menu such Kingdoms are in blue colour. After clicking this button a new screen appears - you have to type in for how many Recounts you wish to freeze your Govern. You have to freeze for at least 2 days - if you type in less, the number is changed to ‘2’. Freezing works immediately - you are logged off after confirming. The typed in number is the number of Recounts, during which your Kingdom is freezed. Attacks, magic and thieves are calculated for freezed Governs if they were sent before he Govern freezed itself. In example :

a Govern has been freezed at 4 p.m., on Monday, for 2 days. After confirming the owner is logged off and cannot login until 5 a.m., on Thursday.

The ‘Abdicate’ button is used to end your adventure with this Kingdom in the RD world. After clicking you are asked to confirm your decision. If you confirm, your Kingdom is erased from the Game.

Keep in mind: you cannot abdicate for 2 days after an ambush.

In the ‘Politics’ menu you sign pacts with Governs in your Alliance. You cannot sign them with Govern outside the Alliance. This parts starts with the text ‘propose pact’, behind which the number of pacts left to sign is shown. By default you can sign up to 5 pacts. However, after building Embassy you gain the possibility to sign 1 (one) extra pact. If you wish to sign a pact, you have to choose a Govern from the list. From the second list you choose the type of pact and confirm. To sign a pact, both sides have to confirm it. In the Govern, with which you try to sign a pact, this info is shown in the left table.

In example: Kingdom Lizards proposes a military pact. Postpone? Accept? Reject?

Next to each question is a checkbox. Check the right one and confirm. If you choose ‘Postpone?’ the offer is still active, until it expires or you choose another option. In this table pacts that you have proposed, but have not been yet accepted, are shown. You can cancel each proposed pact. In the lower table, is the list of pacts that are signed or are being broken but are still active. If the pacts have not been broken by any of the sides, there is a checkbox next to them. If you check it and confirm, you break the pact. Pacts that do not have this checkbox are already broken. Different types of pacts have different colours - to make it easier for you:

Pact typecolourdescription
mercantilewhiteThe land size of the Govern with which the pact is signed is added to your land size, raising your merchants' productivity. The land size of the Govern is added from the last Recount.
magicalblueMages from the Govern with which this pact is signed protect your Govern from enemy magic and therefore increase your magical defence.
militarygreenThe army from the Govern with which the pact is signed help to defend your Govern and therefore increase your military defence.
thievishgreyThe thieves from the Govern with which the pact is signed help to defend your Govern and therefore increase your thievish defence.

You can signed this pacts in unlimited combinations. With every member of your Alliance you can have exactly 1 (one) pact of each type. In consequence, you cannot sign two i.e. mercantile pacts with the same Govern. If you sign 1 (one) mercantile pact with another Govern, the whole land size of the Kingdom is added to your land size. If you sign more mercantile pacts, the whole land size of each Govern is added to your land size. Mercantile pacts are always 100% efficient, in depended how many you have them.

Screen pacts

The other pacts, however, are calculated differently. If you have exactly 1 (one) thievish, military or magical pact its efficiency is 50% - only 50% of thieves or mages or military units from the Govern the pact is signed with protect your Kindom. If you have two pacts of the same type signed, their efficiency drops to 45%. The more pacts of the same type you have, the smaller their efficiency is :

Number of pacts of the same typePacts efficiency
5 i wiÍcej30%

Military, magical and thievish pacts give only half of their full efficiency in the day they were signed. They give their full efficiency after the Recount. The also give half of their full efficiency in the day they were broken. In example, if you sign a pact at 4 p.m., during the Recount only half of its full efficiency is calculated. If you sign a thievish pact at 10 a.m., also only half of its full efficiency is calculated. If you sign 3 military pacts, during the Recount each pact gives you (0,5*0,4=0,2) 20% efficiency (only 20% of military units from the Governs with which the pacts are signed protect your Govern). Such pacts are shown in dark-red.

Only stepping out of an Alliance breaks all pacts. If you rejoin it, the new pacts give you nothing (you have to wait for the Recount). If you break and resign the same pacts in one day, these pacts have 0% efficiency (only the pacts from the present moment are calculated during the Recount).

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