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In this menu you can set up attacks. Group attacks are ones, in which more than 1 Govern takes part. Attacks are calculated according to the wave number that they are sent with. Experienced players send the most powerful attacks first to weaken enemy’s defense, so that the weaker attacks are also successful.

At the top of the menu is the target selection list. The left-hand list is used to choose an Alliance, in which the target Govern is playing or to select ‘Non-alliance’ to attack Governs without an Alliance. If you select the ‘Non-alliance’ option you have to type in the correct name of the Govern. After selecting an Alliance, the full list of Governs in this Alliance appears in the right-hand list. Afterwards, you only need to choose the right Govern from this list.

Target selection panel

After selecting a target you need to type in the number of units to be sent in the attack. In this panel you can find units’ names, the number of units available and textboxes. The maximal number of units that can attack is shown in brackets. If you send any units, this number changes. If you are sending war machines, you have to send E1 or hoplites with them - one for every war machine.

To establish an attack, you have to send a General to lead it. You select Generals from the list at the bottom of this menu. Only Generals at home are listed here (only Generals at home are listed). You can set up only the number of attacks equal to the number of you Generals. Generals sent in attacks influence stats of every unit in this attack - even those from other Governies.

More than one Govern can attack a target. The attack’s power is the sum of every Govern’s input in this attack. You have to name every attack. The aim of this is to make it easier for you and your allies to manage attacks. The name must be at least 2 signs long.

It is very important that you send your attacks in the right wave, because it defines the order in which they are calculated (from the lowest wave to the highest). When you have finished typing in all the needed numbers, press ‘Send’ to establish the attack. If everything has been typed in correctly, new information appears - info concerning sent attacks. It shows how many attacks have you established and how many have you joined.

You cannot attack Governs 4 times smaller or grater than yours. You can attack frozen Governs only before the Recount, the day that they have frozen themselves.

Attack panel

Example of an attack:

Third from Nine: 2000-670-39230-1852-19 (384332)

This line indicates that an attack on Govern Third from Nine has been sent, with 2000 hoplites, 670 Elite 1 units, 39230 Elite 2 units, 1852 war machines and 19 dragons. Attack’s power is equal 384 332 and it is a group attack - Governies from your Alliance can add their units to it.

To make it easier to manage attacks, they differ in colour:

red - attacks that you have established (if you cancel this attack, you also cancel attacks from other Governs that have joined this attack).
green - group attacks that you have joined

By checking the checkbox before the attacks and pressing the ‘Cancel’ button you cancel attacks. If you have cancelled an attack established in your Govern, to which others have joined, you also cancel their attacks. If you are an Emperor or Commander in an Alliance, you can cancel all attacks from the Emperor menu.

List of attacks and the ‘Cancel’ button

If you declare war on an Alliance smaller than 80% of your Alliance's land size, you gain only a third of land in attacks. However, the attacked Governs loose the normal amount of land. Such a war is shown in yellow. If the attacked Alliance declares war on you the war changes to red - you gain land normally. If you attack an Alliance without declaring war you gain only 10% of land and the defender's loses are only a third of normal loses. If you attack a Govern that has left an Alliance after midnight, that you declared war on, you gain land normally (even if it joined an another Alliance). Consequently, the server memorises in which Ally did a Govern play during the last Recount and in which does it play now. Not to loose any land, due to not declaring a war, it is essential to have a war declared with at least one of these Alliances.

The last factor affecting your land profits is the number of successful attacks on a Govern. All attacks are calculated - not only those from your Alliance. The first two attacks give you normal land profits. With every next attack these profits decrease by 20%. The seventh and further attacks bring no profits. The attacked Kingdom’s loses also decrease.

In the ‘Settings’ menu you can define what % of your land profits you wish to give to your Alliance. Goblins can give up to 50% of their profits and the rest up to 35%. This land is not shown in the ‘News’ menu. Every day, the Emperor or the Commanders splits it in the Emperor / Land menu.

You can save some buildings on the conquered territory. Their number is depended from the attacked Govern infrastructure and your General’s level (if he has a secondary ability Sabotage). The conquered buildings are not sent to you Alliance’s vault.

If your attack is unsuccessful, the attacked Kingdom loses no infrastructure or land. The conquered land is added to your Govern after all attacks have been calculated.

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